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NAHB's Green Building Standard recently became the first such standard approved by the American National Standards Institute. Why is this notable? It's comprehensive. Minimum requirements must be met in all categories. Homes that only focus on energy efficiency or indoor air quality won't qualify. It's flexible.


Overhead Door Part of Overhead Door's Renaissance Collection, the V12 traditional steel carriage house garage doors resemble wood doors with a pronounced wainscot embossment. The line has optional decorative hardware and window designs and comes in five colors with insulated or non-insulated panels.


The gold winners from the 2007 National Sales and Marketing Awards demonstrate that a cool sales environment doesn't need to put a halt to design innovation.

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The synthesis between architects and custom builders can be like oil and water. With intersecting yet disparate goals, it's a wonder architect and builder get along at all, much less come up with a finished custom home at the end of the process.

Contract and hands shaking

When Stephen Shaw, president of Shaw Built Homes, a small-tract builder in Boonton, N.J., received a four-page checklist from a customer detailing how the customer perceived their relationship would unfold during construction, he knew he had a problem....


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For builders who have considered working at the highest end of the luxury home business, working with an architect is probably a necessity.


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Custom home builders talk about what they do on the front end of a project to achieve better margins

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