The driveway and front door of this Minnesota cabin, known as Fish Tap Lake Retreat, are to the left of the screened porch, so ariving visitors can see through to the lake. Albertsson Hansen Architecture designed the dark brown exterior to help the house blend into its setting. Bright red trim adds a Scandinavian touch (Photo: Gaffer Photography)

September 11, 2018

Two modest-size homes that welcome the vacation crowd in comfort and style

September 11, 2018

Make sure your new sustainable project receives a fair valuation

Couple with construction manager wearing a hard hat
June 18, 2018

Custom home builders share how managing client expectations can eliminate drama and create a better customer experience

Contemporary lake house on Lake Geneva, Wis.
July 13, 2018

A summer cottage master suite at a Lake Geneva, Wis., custom home

Master Suite designed by Shanna Kerr
June 18, 2018

Focus on the client to design spaces that are deeply personal like the master suite

Top down view of Kitchen sink

True to his nature, builder Nick Schiffer immediately said, “Of course we can build a wood dish-drying rack that would drain into the sink,” then set about researching the best way to do it (Photos: Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography).


July 11, 2018

A craftsman's use of social media puts him on the map

Black walnut and white oak stairway
July 09, 2018

A Seattle woodworker is earning a reputation as a stair artist (and tubs too)

Cary Bernstein photo
July 09, 2018

Cary Bernstein talks about an architect's key criteria for selecting building partners

Master Suite designed by Kelsey Roberts
July 09, 2018

See the master suite and bath with fancy textures from viscose to crystal

Chicago three flat

Goldberg General Contracting and architect Seth Romig converted an 1886 Chicago three-flat into a single-family home, gutting the building and reconstructing its rear facade (Photo: Tony Soluri)

July 05, 2018

Despite design challenges, permit hurdles, and pressure from the neighbors, two urban homes offer inspired solutions


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A scientist and an accountant combine their varied skills in a sustainable building company

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