December 18, 2017

Quality Crafted Homes started using Fypon’s exterior products in place of wood moulding, but still keeping the beautiful look of custom, handmade products.

San Francisco architect Jonathan Feldman designed this 800-square-foot cottage on Martha's Vineyard, Mass., for a couple and their three children. The expansive deck is used as an outdoor living room. Jack Gray was the builder. Photo: Warren Patterson Photography

April 03, 2017

Thoughtfully designed, scaled-down homes are more sustainable, enabling clients to live well with less

November 13, 2017

Genuine Custom Homes used lightweight, easy-to-install, polyurethane Fypon woodgrain beams on the interior of a rustic-themed home.

Jeremy Meek
October 11, 2017

Integrated project delivery minimizes inefficiencies and mazimizes the talents of every team member


(Photo: Scott Shigley Photography)

September 13, 2017

Dual landscaping, permeable pavers, and pool with integrated hot tub are among the outdoor living elements featured in Design Spotlight.

Conservatory by Tanglewood
October 07, 2016

Three contributors offer their designs for letting the light in.

Girl looking into the woods from  floor to ceiling windows

(Photos: Tzu Chen)

September 15, 2017

A creative duo's partnership is driven by client needs, site specifics, and school schedules

Architect Chris Kempel design-American farmhouse look-Oregon-photo by Eric Staudenmaier

Photo: Eric Staudenmaier

October 02, 2017

See how architect Chris Kempel blends classic farmhouse with modern sensibilities

Jackson Hole Kitchen
October 01, 2017

Two dramatic getaways make the most of their environments

Front of Minneapolis house infill project sloped offset roof

Nordeast Nest in Minneapolis has a south-facing roof that is sloped to accommodate a future solar array. The porch roof is also sloped. These elements bring a contemporary flair to the mix, says architect Tim Eian of TE Studio. RJ Stegora was the builder. Photo: Corey Gaffer Photography

September 29, 2017

Custom infill projects require architects and builders to play nice with neighbors and planning officials


FALL 2018

This Month in Custom Builder


Custom home builders talk about what they do on the front end of a project to achieve better margins

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