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Framing & Building Envelope

5 Ways BPMs Are Engineering Wood With Heat

Drying, bending, steaming, charring—when it comes to engineering wood with heat, builders are innovating in more ways than one


What the Passage of House Bill 4715 Means for Interior Designers

The state of Illinois recently passed House Bill 4715, acknowledging the essential duties of interior designers in the built environment, but it’s not the first state to pass such legislation, and advocates say it also won’t be the last.

Q & A

Q+A: Utah’s Custom Building Showstopper

Custom home builder Kory Robison attributes his company's growth to his success in the annual Utah Valley Parade of Homes

Voice of the Brand ·

How A Professional Builder Prices A Building Contract

Discover how professional builders price their building contracts using the new pricing method.


Insider Advice on Talking Propane to Achieve Net Zero

The demand for environmentally friendly building is stronger now than ever before. While consumers and even lawmakers think going “all electric” is…

A Case for Compact Duct Layouts

Energy and building codes now require a high level of insulation, high-performance glazing, and better air sealing—compact duct layouts may help


Fresh Faces, Fresh Thinking

Fresh faces weren’t the only thing new at this year’s show; the thinking is changing, too


Would You Invest in Your Business?

A brief guide to Gauging Your Business’ Value

Case Studies

Pushing Performance

Energy Auditor and sustainability Expert Drew Smith provides insight into the purpose, process, and price of home performance testing and consulting


Websites Done Right

3 essentials for an effective custom builder website that engages prospects and generates leads

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