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Insider Advice on Talking Propane to Achieve Net Zero

Anthony Carrino, VP of Design at Welcome Homes, says homeowners are doing their research before making Earth conscious renovations.


A Picture Is Worth a Post

Custom-home builders share why they gave Instagram a try and why the social media platform is essential for their marketing outreach

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Mark Richardson: Coping with unpredictability

When things are unpredictable, our very basic levels of confidence and conviction are diminished. Mark Richardson offers proven ways to deal with the uncertainties in today’s business environment.

Customer Service

Are you listening to your remodeling clients?

A recent experience got me thinking about how companies all-too-often fall back on financial incentives when dealing with an unhappy customer, yet…

Marketing & Sales

Lean Design Blog: Authentic elevations and the salesperson’s story

I had the pleasure of meeting and having dinner with Charlie Scott the other night. Charlie owns a very successful national consulting firm called…


Does your social media policy violate labor laws?

For the last couple of years I've been speaking to groups of remodelers about crafting a social media strategy for their firms and one of the things…


Mark Richardson: The Power of Three

By mastering the techniques of the power of three, builders and sales professionals can save time and boost their close rate.


Strategies for closing the sale

Custom builders share their tricks for sealing the deal with buyers and avoiding conflicts along the way.


New homes suffering from too-low appraisals

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reported on their blog that flawed appraisals might be preventing home sales.

Marketing & Sales

The Lean and Green Blog: Lesson 5 - Green marketing

Greening your marketing plan requires a different thought process and action plan than what you might expect.  In the upcoming months, I will be…


Don't be afraid to innovate

This month we named our Remodeler of the Year — Anthony Home Improvements in Elkins Park, Pa. We chose the company for a number of reasons, but…

Marketing & Sales

The Lean Design Blog: Floor plan renderings? That's whack!

Last week I nagged you about elevation renderings, this week the focus is on floor plan renderings. Floor plan renderings are an easy way to stand…

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