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Insider Advice on Talking Propane to Achieve Net Zero

Anthony Carrino, VP of Design at Welcome Homes, says homeowners are doing their research before making Earth conscious renovations.


A Picture Is Worth a Post

Custom-home builders share why they gave Instagram a try and why the social media platform is essential for their marketing outreach

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Marketing & Sales

Tips on how renderings can sell the home — not the house

Traveling around the country I see a lot of renderings - most of them leave a whole lot to be desired. The worst are the black and white CAD drawings…

Marketing & Sales

CB July 2011

8 Trends in Retirement Housing | Selling the Custom Builder Experience | Exterior Products

Marketing & Sales

Many designers, architects doubt manufacturer claims on sustainability: Study

Survey shows they see environmental goals as important, but worry about getting products

Marketing & Sales

Don’t let stock market swings impact sales

One of the many harsh realities we’ve grown accustomed to during this economic downturn is the turbulent nature of stock market indices, especially…


CertainTeed introduces new online tools

CertainTeed Insulation has introduced three new online tools to help building professionals better market efficiency improvements to homeowners.

Marketing & Sales

Time for remodelers to innovate is now

During the housing boom, new products were being introduced into the home building market at a staggering rate.According to the Harvard Joint Center…

Marketing & Sales

Are ugly houses to blame for the sluggish housing market?

The Atlantic poses the question: what if the ugly ones are ruining it for everyone else? They’re talking about dilapidated homes bringing down the housing market in general. Because there are so many foreclosures on the market, many of the existing houses may not have been well maintained or might be dated, meaning they likely aren’t buyers’ first choices.

Marketing & Sales

Mark Richardson: Selling the custom builder experience

The business of being a builder is as diverse as the business of fine dining is to the business of fast food. The key is to distinguish custom-home building from the others, writes Mark Richardson in his latest Custom Builder column.


Mark Richardson: 'When is it going to get better?'

Successful builders are not waiting for the market to recover. They’ve accepted the current economic environment as the new normal and wake up every day focused on making it happen in these stormy waters. Mark Richardson talks about what sets these builders apart from the rest.


Mark Richardson: How to speak with a remodeling dialect

To help offset the downturn in home building business, many custom builders have taken on remodeling work during the past few years. A key to success in remodeling is understanding the rules of the game. Custom Builder contributing editor Mark Richardson discusses a few key differences in the language of remodeling versus traditional custom home building.

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