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Insider Advice on Talking Propane to Achieve Net Zero

Anthony Carrino, VP of Design at Welcome Homes, says homeowners are doing their research before making Earth conscious renovations.


A Picture Is Worth a Post

Custom-home builders share why they gave Instagram a try and why the social media platform is essential for their marketing outreach

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She Made Cyber Sales Soar

Prospecting on the Web became a fresh and effective tool for selling new homes


Key Accountability

Diligent training and follow up keeps his staff on its toes and product moving in a market that just got a little tougher


The BALA Winner's Circle

BALA finalists stand out from the crowd because of their workmanship, attention to detail, strong elevations and smart use of space inside and out..


Trade Secrets

Information for building a better remodeling Web site with SEO; marketing with financing; and going green by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Customer Service

Know Your Customer’s Critical Path to Buying

Rick Heaston examines home buyers' needs at different points in the sales process. Part 1 of 2.


2007 Nationals Sales and Marketing Awards

The gold winners from the 2007 National Sales and Marketing Awards demonstrate that a cool sales environment doesn't need to put a halt to design innovation.


Love for the Parade

Everybody loves a parade. And considering the benefits of a parade of homes, custom builders ought to love them more than most. Building a home for exhibition — whether you call it a Homearama, a Parade of Homes or a Street of Dreams — is likely to generate a lot of brand awareness for your company.


Value Versus Reduction

When you discount, you undermine the value of the service you are offering. The way to improve the bottom line and make it more resilient to the ups and downs of the economy and the regulatory market is to increase the value of what you deliver.


Winning Ingredients

If successful custom home building was a recipe, the ingredient list would be one part skilled builder and trades; one part good land, floor plans and options; and two parts satisfied customers. Because customer satisfaction is such an integral part of the custom home building recipe, custom home builders are focusing more than ever on improving their customer satisfaction ratings.


"New" Luxury Market Demands

For pre-baby boomers, luxury was about the intrinsic qualities of the things acquired — price, exclusivity, quality of materials and workmanship. The old European concept of luxury reflects this mode of thinking. Class distinctions were rigid, and the accumulation of wealth through fortune or celebrity did not necessarily provide access to the accoutrements of the upper classes.

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