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Insider Advice on Talking Propane to Achieve Net Zero

Anthony Carrino, VP of Design at Welcome Homes, says homeowners are doing their research before making Earth conscious renovations.


A Picture Is Worth a Post

Custom-home builders share why they gave Instagram a try and why the social media platform is essential for their marketing outreach

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Is a Parade of Homes Right for You?

When it comes to building custom homes, Russell Burton, managing member, Burton Custom LLC, Littleton, Colo., thinks big. Although it is the smallest home in Denver's 2005 Parade of Homes, at "only" 5700 sq. ft., the Retreat, shown left, proves that choosing good details can have mammoth buyer appeal.

Marketing & Sales

Sizzling Sales for 2005

At this year's International Builders' Show in Orlando, national sales trainer Bonnie Alfriend, MIRM, president of Alfriend Sales and Marketing Solutions, Pebble Beach, Calif., presented advice for putting sizzle back into selling in 2005. Titled "105 Ideas for the Year 2005," her seminar included the following tips: When relying on technology to communicate, don't forget the personal touch.

Marketing & Sales

Selling Energy Efficiency

Fifty members of Connecticut's home building industry attended a pilot event in November to learn how to sell homes with the ENERGY STAR® rating, how to approach customers about building an energy-efficient home and how building energy efficient homes can increase their sales. Sponsored by United Illuminating Company, a Connecticut utility company, lighting retailers and manufacturers who'...


A House Without Right Angles

Architect Matt Schlueb, principal of Schlueb Architecture, recently designed his own home in Pittsburgh, Pa., with virtually no right angles. Villa Vuoto features 2,600 square feet of living space, three levels, and simple and compounded curves, sloping walls and circular rooms. Designed to provide a stimulating environment for the architect's young son, the project was a prototype for explorin...


Creating a Community Theme

A sense of place matters just as much to luxury home buyers as the details of the floorplan and the quality of the finishes. To deliver on this desire, custom builders can borrow a page from their production builder counterparts. Here Terry Smith of architecture firm Bloodgood Sharp Buster gives a quick tutorial in creating a community theme.


Insurance Woes Top Concern List

The price of general liability insurance and the ongoing shortage of carriers willing to write such policies for builders pushed these issue to the top of NAHB's annual critical issues surveys. On a scale of one to five, where one equals not at all critical and five equals very critical, general liability insurance cost scored 4.

Marketing & Sales

Best Doughnuts in the World

I spent the entire holiday season reading about selling. In particular, I read everything I could about closing a sale. No other area of selling seems as popular as closing. More words, more pages and more books are dedicated to closing than any other ...

Marketing & Sales

The 3 Deadly Sins

Don't get caught with your fly down. Avoid the three deadly sins of ego, vanity and indifference when it comes to improving your sales department.

Marketing & Sales

Who Buys Luxury Homes?

Coldwell Banker Real Estate recently released a profile of million-dollar-plus home buyers culled from a survey of its top luxury home sales associates.

Marketing & Sales

Window-Shopping for a House

When does a 6,000-square-foot, $2 million house get built in nine weeks? When it's built into storefront space at Somerset Collection, a high-end shopping mall in Troy, Mich.

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