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A compilation of HousingZone's articles, surveys, ideas, trends, and tips on leadership for residential builders, remodelers, and architects serving the residential construction industry.

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Five Tips for Better Business Advice 

Getting the best advice means knowing where the best advice comes from 

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Strategies for Maximizing Profit

Custom home builders talk about what they do on the front end of a project to achieve better margins


Backstory: Good Chemistry

A scientist and an accountant combine their varied skills in a sustainable building company


Guest Columnist: Striving for accurate green-home appraisals

Make sure your new sustainable project receives a fair valuation


Syncing Great Client Expectations

Custom home builders share how managing client expectations can eliminate drama and create a better customer experience


Build a Business, Build a Brand

A craftsman's use of social media puts him on the map


Custom Builders Branching Out

Two custom builders seek to improve margins: one by unitizing pricing relationships with trades, the other by pursuing a coveted homebuyer group


International Etiquette

Foreign buyers are playing a significant role in new-home sales and understanding the international nuances of negotiating can help close a deal


Backstory: Playing Both Sides

A creative duo's partnership is driven by client needs, site specifics, and school schedules


Thoughtful Infill

Teardowns are becoming the rule in my Los Angeles neighborhood, replacing the 1,000- and 1,200-square-foot homes that were built here in the 1950s.…


How Builders Can Avoid Difficult Clients

Custom home builders share the red flags they look for when screening clients and deciding whether to keep them or let them go

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