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A Case for Compact Duct Layouts

Energy and building codes now require a high level of insulation, high-performance glazing, and better air sealing—compact duct layouts may help


Guest Column: Blurred Lines

Using floor-to-ceiling sliding or folding glass doors is an effective means of enhancing the connection between interior spaces and the outdoors.

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Design Spotlight

Design Spotlight: Outbuildings by Charles Hilton

Pyramids, Doric columns, and a dialogue framing the pool and its terrace


Design Spotlight: Outbuildings by Rotelle Studio

See the creative results from the ultimate battle of backyard sheds

Best Practices

Light Touch

Understanding these basics will help you create better lighting transitions


Design Spotlight: Storage Solutions by John Cronin

A place for books, wine, and paperweights


Design Details: Hidden Secret

A hidden library door gives this new custom-built house the quirkiness of an old home.

Design Spotlight

Design Spotlight: Storage Solutions by Rodger Owen

Creating a home where children and adults can feel comfortable in all spaces

Design Spotlight

Design Spotlight: Storage Solutions by Richard Laughlin

From a space to stow the Christmas tree to an island with cookbooks


Q + A: Happy Place

Architect Michael Lehrer on great windows, hand-built models, and builders with high emotional intelligence


New Surfacing Designs

  Cambria has introduced nine new surfacing designs, including the brand-new Black Marble and Woodstone collections. The Woodstone collection…


Waterproof Wallpaper

Materia Collection's H2O Waterproof Italian wallpaper is made of fiberglass, enabling the decoration of environments most prone to humidity,…

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