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A Case for Compact Duct Layouts

Energy and building codes now require a high level of insulation, high-performance glazing, and better air sealing—compact duct layouts may help

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Why you should embrace the Hispanic conflict

  Shawn Coyne is a writing partner to Steven Pressfield. Mr. Pressfield wrote The War of Art, the most important book ever written for people…


Leadership by the numbers: What’s yours?

  Leadership is a numbers game.    The equation revolves around how many people you can positively impact on a daily basis. That is, how many people…


Architecture goes to the dogs

The late Roger Caras, president emeritus of the ASPCA, once said, “Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.” No dog lover would…


The feed vs. the hunt

  My son is six years-old.  It’s a fun age.    Witnessing your progeny develop original thoughts on shared topics is a trip. My son is starting to…


Rosetta Stone, relevance, and retention

  Living in a small sliver of the language pie Rosetta Stone enlarged, we owe a debt of gratitude to the public company. Rosetta has been shelling…


“We’ve done this a lot. You...as a group…are stupid.”

    Last week I went to the Chicago filming of “America’s Got Talent”, the NBC show that accepts all comers who don’t make it on American Idol, X…


The “knowledge worker” rant

I despise the term Knowledge Worker. Why? Let’s start with the definition of Knowledge Worker and you can judge for yourself. Knowledge workers…


Be like Mat: Go big

  Comas :: 2 Broken bones :: 21 Surgeries :: 23 Concussions :: 100+ Stitches :: 300+   You don’t become the…


Text Mex: Meet ‘em where they are

Would you ever use Twitter to announce your family dinner is being served? Ridiculous question, right?   Wait. Hold that answer….   The question was…


The Inverse Golden Rule + 3 CYA tools when working with Hispanics

You know The Golden Rule, right?   He who has the gold makes the rules.     On the jobsite today, there is an inverse to The Golden Rule: He who has…

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