Jeff Goulette stairway

Four architects present their approaches for designing stairs to deliver spatial drama, transition, and procession.

This newly built Minneapolis residence looks right at home in the diverse mix of older Tudor, Craftsman cottages and newer styles of homes in the area.


Good negotiating skills, creative problem-solving, and flexibility make these infill projects sing

A-Frame Vacation House

The home’s old spiral staircase, which split the plan in half and obstructed water views, was torn out and replaced with a new stair that starts on the right and winds its way up to the second-floor catwalk and third-floor bedroom and study. (Photos: Peter Murdock).


Witness the make over of a 1960s A-frame and a new mountain retreat with a dramatic skylight


The ankle windows on this project is an example of a good detail solving a problem.

Kevin Cozen minimalist kitchen

Storage ideas from minimalist cabinetry, to pantries under stairs, and drawers below a pet spa.

NKBA Bath Design winners

Imaginatively designed baths contribute star power to a custom home. Check out these projects for design inspiration.

This residence in Scottsdale, Ariz., is BALA’s Home of the Year for 2015. The owners wanted a Spanish-style design, but with an updated, neutral color palette.


Skillfully designed and superbly crafted, these homes are among the biggest winners in the 2015 Best in American Living Awards


Imaginatively designed kitchens contribute star power to a custom home. Check out these projects for design inspiration

Secret Cabinet Entry for Kitchen Pantry

Two designers and home builder partners share their executions for pantries and butler kitchens.


Designers and a builder present their ideas for creating a space to hang, store, and organize with style.


FALL 2018

This Month in Custom Builder


A scientist and an accountant combine their varied skills in a sustainable building company

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